Change Healthcare Disruption Resources & News

The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare continues to disrupt claims and payment processes for HME suppliers and the full spectrum of healthcare providers.  AAHomecare will share news and resources to help HME suppliers lessen the impacts of this incident and maintain strong access to care.

Industry/Government Resources and News

CMS Resources for Providers in Respones to the Change Healthcare Cyberattack - extensive guidance and contact infomation CMS has collected from several major payers - Mar. 25
CMS Informational Bulletin for states on Medicaid flexibilities - Mar. 15
CMS Announces Reopening of 2023 MIPS EUC Application in Response to Change Healthcare Cyberattack - Mar. 15 - extends the data submission deadline  reopens 2023 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) Exception Application through Apr. 8
CMS Statement on Continued Action to Respond to the Cyberattack on Change Healthcare and related Fact Sheet - Mar. 9 - annouces advance payments for Part B suppliers impacted by the Change Healthcare disruption with additional details & guidance in Fact Sheet.lll
HHS Statement Regarding the Cyberattack on Change Healthcare - Mar. 5 - includes guidance and flexibilities to assist providers in continuing to serve patients, encouraging Medicare Advantage organizations and Part D sponsors to remove or relax prior authorization, other utilization management, and timely filing requirements during these system outages.
DME MAC Jurisdiction A Change Healthcare Security Incident
DME MAC Jurisdiction B Change Healthcare Security Incident
DME MAC Jurisdiction C Change Healthcare Security Incident

DME MAC Jurisdiction D Change Healthcare Security Incident 
Change Healthcare -- As of March 5, Change Healthcare reports that “90% of claims are flowing uninterrupted. Fast adoption and implementation of additional solutions by payers and providers could increase claims to 95% sometime next week.”  Find updates and guidance for providers on Change Healthcare's Cyber Response page.
Cyberattack Status Update - Mar. 18
Optum/United Health -- Change Healthcare's parent company has developed a temporary funding assistance support program to help with short-term cash flow needs is provider organizations impacted by the payer system outage. Optum emphasizes that “this is not a program for providers who have had claims submission disruptions but rather for those whose payment distribution has been impacted.” See the Temporary Funding Assistance Program page for more details & FAQs.

Highmark -- Highmark assisting participating providers impacted by Change Healthcare cyber event -- press release, Mar. 12
Inside Highmark's Change attack response -- Becker's Healthcare, Mar. 13

AAHomecare Resources

AAHomecare’s Payer Relations Council has developed actions and resources to lessen the impact on HME suppliers and expedite claims.
  • AAHomecare is recomending that major payers to waive timely filing deadlines while the claims processing systems are impacted.
  • AAHomecare is reccomending that Medicaid payers to extend those same flexibilities and also requesting temporary funding to providers impacted;  some states are already evaluating that option.
  • Has developed a list of other clearinghouses and solutions that the industry is using.
  • Developing an official statement and payer request letters to be utilized for lobbying on the Hill. 

AAHomecare Policymaker Engagement

AAH letter to Congressional leaders - Mar. 13

 AAH letter to Part C program senior staff - Mar. 13
CMS response - Apr. 9 - response also included CMS Resources for Providers in Respones to the Change Healthcare Cyberattack
AAH letter to Medicaid/CHIP senior staff - Mar. 13

AAH letter to National Association of Insurance Commission leaders - Mar. 15

AAHomecare Guidance

Our Payer Relations team continues to monitor the situation and has the following suggestions to providers:
1) Update disaster relief plan for company

2) Download 835 files from different portals (Avility, Waystar, Zirmed, Payscan, Zelus)

3) Prioritize claims to work for reimbursement staff.  Since Medicare has not been impacted, transition staff to focus on Medicare to increase cash flow from that revenue stream.

4) Obtain EDI file extract for the largest payers and submit electronically to those payers utilizing another clearinghouse.

AAHomecare Updates

CMS Shares Additional Payer-Specific Resources Related to Change Healthcare Disruption - Alert - Apr. 19 , 2024
 A Comprehensive Response to an Unprecedented Disruption - AAH Insider - Mar. 20, 2024
CMS to Offer Advance Payments for DME and other Part B Suppliers Impacted by the Change Healthcare Disruption - Alert - Mar. 11, 2024
UHG and CGS Share Guidance, Timelines & Resources on Change Healthcare Disruption - Alert - Mar. 8, 2024
Responding to Change Healthcare Disruption - AAH Insider - Mar. 6. 2024
CMS Announces Flexibilities in Response to Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident - Alert - Mar. 5, 2024