Advantages of ePrescribing 

With several DMEPOS ePrescribing platforms available, AAHomecare is promoting ePrescribing adoption to modernize the outdated ordering processes and enhance the overall experience for all stakeholders, especially patients. 

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The Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) industry is championing a strategic initiative to encourage the adoption of DMEPOS ePrescribing among all stakeholders. The advantages of DMEPOS ePrescribing include:

  • efficiently capturing the necessary clinical criteria by payer at the point-of-care;
  • reducing the repetitive communication between healthcare providers and DMEPOS suppliers;
  • providing transparency regarding a patient’s insurance coverage for DMEPOS; and
  • offering visibility into the order delivery status.

As the healthcare industry faces increased costs due to inflation, a challenging labor environment, and heightened audit risks, there is a pressing need for solutions that lower operational costs while meeting patient needs. AAHomecare advocates for the widespread adoption of DMEPOS ePrescribing platforms as the optimal solution to efficiently align clinical data with payer requirements, benefiting all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum.


ePrescribing is the arrow we need to add to our quiver that not only reduces waste and delay, but it signals to our referral sources, legislators, and our patients that we are doing all that is necessary in order to provide timely, premium-level care.

- David Siegel, Chief Executive Officer, Nationwide Medical


Platform Options

The following platforms offer ePrescribing services for DME companies, viisiit their websites:

Parachute Health
Tomorrow Health

About ePrescribing

Ordering DME typically involves a complex process where ordering clinicians must fill out extensive forms, verify insurance coverage, determine which suppliers are in network for each patients health insurance company and ensure compliance with the documentation requirements of Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) or other payer. This multifaceted procedure is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, leading to potential delays in patient care. The administrative load of managing these tasks can be overwhelming for ordering clinicians and DME suppliers, detracting from their ability to focus on direct patient care.

The burden on ordering clinicians stems from the intricacies of ensuring all documentation meets the requirements set by payers. Each step, from initial assessment to verifying medical necessity, requires meticulous attention to detail. 

DME ePrescribing can significantly alleviate these burdens by streamlining the ordering process through a digital platform. For DME suppliers, ePrescribing reduces the back-and-forth communication with ordering clinicians, enabling quicker processing and delivery of equipment. Overall, ePrescribing enhances efficiency, minimizes administrative workload, and expedites patient access to essential medical equipment.