Help Medicaid push rate stability across the finish line in Florida!

April 21, 2021


AAHomecare is working with Florida Alliance of Homecare Services (FAHCS) to advance legislation establishing rate stability and prevent self-referrals under their DMEPOS Medicaid program. The following is adapted from a call-to-action that we helped FAHCS develop.

We encourage all Florida DME providers and stakeholders to contact leaders in the state legislature to push for rate floor provisions! Please reach out as soon as possible, as Florida legislative leaders are expected to finalize budget language within the next few days. Please reach out today and encourage your peers and colleagues to do the same.


FAHCS and AAHomecare working to advance legislation this session for a Rate Floor and to permanently stop TPAs from self-referring in Medicaid. With only two weeks left in the Session, we have a GREAT opportunity to advance our bills, so we need action this week!

Call the leadership offices noted below and ask them to support the Durable Medical Equipment Language forwarded. Our Senators and Representatives and staff professionals need to hear from us.

See the sample script/talking points below to use….


My name is XXX

I work with [company], a home medical equipment and service providers in Florida.

I am calling to ask you to support the Medical Equipment industry by advancing our language to create a Rate Floor (minimum payment) for DME providers statewide.

This will help us protect patient access by fair reimbursement needed to stay in business while we serve the Sick and Elderly in your District and in the state of Florida.

The COVID pandemic has…

  • Increased the prices of all equipment and supplies, including PPE
  • Raised delivery costs and repair parts
  • Made us work harder for less money while on the front lines
  • Caused new ordering patterns not anticipated in our reimbursements.

DME providers need help. We need your help. Please support the durable medical equipment rate floor.

See phone and email address below - please reach out to as many of these contacts as possible (the Legislator AND the STAFF person and Committee staff area all great contacts) to and ask for Rate Floor support!

Senate Leadership

Senator Kelli Stargel (850) 487-5022 – Appropriations Chair
Aide - Rachel Barnes -

Senator Aaron Bean (850) 487-5004, FAX (850) 410-4805 – Health Appropriations Chair
Chief Legislative Assistant - Dee Alexander -

Manny Diaz (850) 487-5036 – Health Policy Chair (SAY THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT)
Legislative Assistant - Judith Ruiz -

Senator Wilton Simpson (850) 487-5010 – Senator President
Aide - Patty Harrison -

House Leadership

Rep. Jay Trumbel - (850) 717-5006 Appropriations Chair
Rep. Paul Renner - (850) 717-5024 Rules Chairman
Rep. Thad Altman - (850) 717-5052 Children, Families and Seniors Chair
Rep. Chris Sprowls - (850) 717-5065 House Speaker

Committee Staff

Senate Appropriations - (850) 487-5140
Senate Health Appropriation - (850) 487-5140
Senate Health Policy - (850) 487-5824
House Appropriations - (850) 717-4810 - Staff : Eric.Pridgeon - Eric.Pridgeon@LASPBS.STATE.FL.US
House Health Appropriations - Staff: Brian Clark brian.clark@LASPBS.STATE.FL.US
House Children Families and Senior Committee (850) 717-4840 - Staff: Hilary Brazzell

YOU can do this! Your STAFF should can do this! Take Action Today!

We are closer than EVER to having a HUGE WIN in Florida but it’s UP TO YOU!