HME/RT Council

HME/RT Council

Now more than ever, Respiratory equipment is a topic of discussion. The COVID pandemic brought terms from our industry to the front of everyone’s minds. Ventilators and Oxygen equipment are essential to bringing patients home from the hospital where they can heal best.

In addition to those services, Pap therapy for Sleep Apnea has been on the rise. Per the National Council on Aging (NCOA) approximately 39 million U.S. adults have obstructive sleep apnea.


Current priorities of the Council and its work groups include:

  1. Rate Relief including in Competitive Bid Areas
  2. Evaluating opportunities for Pap prescription policy issues
  3. Working with the payer relations team to address MCO/MA payer issues.

Council leadership:

  • Chair: Roxanne Venard, RRT, Ascent Respiratory Care, Greenwood Village, CO
  • Vice Chair: Cheryl Henninger, Gerould’s Professional Pharmacy Inc, d.b.a. Community Cares health Solutions, Elmira, NY
  • Staff Contact: Stephanie Legree, AAHomecare’s Project Manager

For more information on the Council or to get involved, contact Stephanie Legree,