Homecare Champions

Homecare Champions Exemplify Excellence

Each year the HME community recognizes a professional in the HME community who has made an exceptional contribution to the homecare sector throughout their career, as exemplified by:

  1. Longstanding record of service within the homecare community;
  2. Embodiment of the spirit of caring and generosity which are the hallmarks of this profession;
  3. Active membership and engagement in the American Association for Homecare. 

This award honors individuals with an outstanding record of accomplishment or leadership in various aspects of the business of HME and the care that is an essential component of it. The Homecare Champion award was renamed in 2016 in honor of VGM founder Van Miller, a visionary leader for the HME community who embodied the characteristics of this award.

Previous award winners include:
•    Joel Marx (2024; pictured at right)
•    Kam Yuricich (2023)
•    Jim Walsh (2022)        
•    Stephen Ackerman (2021)
•    Karyn Estrella (2019)
•    Regina Gillespie (2018)
•    Gary Sheehan (2017)
•    Missy Cross (2016)
•    Joey Tart and Billy Tart (2015)
•    Cara Bachenheimer and Joel Mills (2014)
•    Scott Meuser and Shelly Prial (2013)
•    Alan Landauer and Van Miller (2012)
•    Joseph Lewarski and Tom Ryan (2011)