Value of HME

Why Homecare Matters

Home-based care enhances quality of life by allowing individuals to receive equipment, supplies, and services in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings. Homecare enables people to remain in their homes, stay connected with loved ones, and be involved in the community. It fosters independence, dignity, autonomy, and choice for whatever stage of life one is in. It is critical that cost-effective home and community-based services are strengthened and protected to ensure access to people with disabilities and our aging population.

Homecare is the Trifecta of Health Care

Value of HME 2

 Millions of Americans Rely on HME to Manage Health Conditions at Home

It is imperative that the United States invest in cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population.  By 2040, the percentage of people 85+ will double to 14 million, and by 2060, almost a quarter of the US population will be 65+.

Durable medical equipment is a critical component of home-based care with tens of millions Medicare beneficiaries relying on DME, supplies, and services to manage their needs in a home setting. The service component of HME providers is invaluable and cannot be understated. In their multi-faceted role, they are:

  • Product experts who understand the range of options available to best meet one’s needs;

  • Front line advocates for the end users teaching them about disease management in the home;

  • Care coordinators who conduct ongoing assessments for renewal and change orders with the medical care team;

  • Logistics coordinators to source products amidst a rapidly changing landscape;

  • Billing experts to comply with a variety of payers requirements; and

  • Clinical liaisons to educate prescribers on documentation requirements.
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Resources to Help You Communicate the Value of HME

AAHomecare is fighting to ensure HME providers like you have the resources they need to keep patients happy and healthy in the home. “The Value of HME: Providers Partnering for Reduced Cost and Improved Outcomes” is designed to help show your value. You may access this resource and its featured videos by clicking on the brochure below. 

For instructions or tips and tricks on how to use this resource, please use this PDF guide.