Breast Pumps

Breastfeeding Supplies

Some 85% of breastfeeding mothers use a pump at least some of the time while nursing, according to The Atlantic. Breast pumps and supplies technology and innovation continue to grow, requiring ongoing engagement with commercial health insurer, Tricare, Medicaid, and Medicare. AAHomecare convenes a group of manufacturers and providers to discuss and build strategy on key issues, including:

  1. Medicare and the need to update the MUE for breast pump tubing and shields, and the
  2. Work to change policies to allow for one breast pump kit per birth,
  3. Supply of milk storage bags, and the resupply of other vital equipment for nursing mothers.


AAHomecare runs Parity for Pumps, and group lobbying for the exemption of breast pumps and supplies from state sales tax. Lobbying efforts were successful in Illinois and Rhode Island in 2022, and efforts are currently engaged in California. You can learn more about these efforts at

All manufacturers and suppliers in the breast pump and supplies field are invited to join the Breastfeeding Coalition. Contact Tilly Gambill at, for more information. 

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