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Tuesday, January 15, 2019 ~ 2:30PM - 3:30PM

"Hub and Spoke," Centralized Intake, and Other Steps to Streamline Operations

Presented by Jeff Baird, Esq. & Markus P. Cicka, Esq. of Brown & Fortunato

The DME industry is in a transition period. Competitive bidding is on hiatus for two years and then it will reappear in a modified form. Reimbursement continues to be ratcheted down and suppliers are responding to TPE audits. Increasingly, Medicare and Medicaid patients are moving to managed care plans. And yet, with the aging of 78 million Baby Boomers, the demand for DME is increasing.

In order to succeed, the DME supplier needs to implement “economies of scale” that allow it to serve patients in a cost-effective manner. This webinar will discuss specific examples of ways that suppliers can streamline their operations. For example, the webinar will discuss centralized intake in which a supplier with multiple PTANs can have only one intake office. The webinar will also discuss the “hub and spoke” model that allows a supplier to expand geographically without having to go through the expense of obtaining additional PTANs.

Increasingly, in order to reduce expenses, suppliers are utilizing off-shore contractors. The webinar will discuss the requirements the supplier must meet in order to work with such contractors. These and other examples will be provided which are designed to allow the supplier to provide quality services and products in a cost-efficient manner.

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